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    e-commerce : strategy, technologies and applicatio...  /  Whiteley, David.
    001.64404ECOM WHI;1
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    Java 6 programming : threading networking, animati...  /  DT Editorial Services.
    001.6424JAV DTE;2 R1
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    Programming with Java: a Primer...  /  Balagurusamy, E.
    001.6424JAV BAL;7
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    Marketing strategy : a decision-focused approach...  /  Walker, Orville C. Mullins, John W.
    658.8 WAL;5
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    Happy street : 52 steps to a happier community...  /  Shetty, Rekha.
    372.6 SHE;1 R
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    Data structures and program design in C...  /  Kruse, Robert L. Tondo, Clovis L. Leung, Bruce P ...[et al.]
    001.6424C KRU;50
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    The miracle of positive thinking :wake up you are ...  /  Peale , Norman Vincent. Fox ,Arnold. Fox , Barry.
    612.6 PEA;1 R
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    Reignite : scientific pathways to a brighter futur...  /  Abdul Kalam, A P J. Singh, Srijan Pal.
    253 ABD;1 R
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    Applied finite element analysis...  /  Segerlind, Larry J.
    624.1 SEG;100
To provide continuous access to the Knowledge and Information in the Library to the students and faculty of the Institute for achieving excellence in their chosen disciplines.
The intent of PES library is to support and enhance the learning, teaching, research, and service activities of the PES Institutes by providing organized access to quality information. The information is facilitated in different media like all the recommended books for the courses, including periodicals, many databases that are available for searching by internet. The e-journals and e-books are handy resources that are accessible to all official beneficiaries like Students, teachers and researchers. Multiple copies ensure that resources are easily available for reference in the library. Trained staff is always at hand to assist students. In addition to these resources, faculty members dynamically upload all their lecture and research notes on the PES Intranet.
We strive to make learning more creative, interactive and information driven by using sophisticated delivery techniques. At PES, 40 different computer laboratories across the campuses house over a thousand computers for use by students and staff. High-end, sophisticated computing facilities are available to meet project requirements and encourage research.